Portable Butane Gas Heater Camping Camp Tent Outdoor Hiking Camper Survival AU Black

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1.Humanized design, light and portable, smooth surface, moderate width.
2.The liquefied gas expansion interface is made of high-grade pure aluminum and copper, which is corrosion-resistant, does not leak gas, and is more secure.

1.Portable Butane Gas Heater is quickly and evenly heating, heat up fast in several seconds.
2.The multi-functional design allows you to enjoy heating and so on. You can enjoy warm and outdoor. This butane gas heater will definitely save you a lot of time.
3.Removable hard frame ring, high-quality stainless steel hard frame, high temperature resistance, no deformation, easy disassembly.
4.Angle adjustment needle, press the needle, the upper body can adjust the angle.
5.The pull ring is easy to use. Pulling the pull ring can speed up the air circulation, make the combustion more vigorous and the firepower greater.
6.Just like a conventional gas switch, turning it from right to left turns it on.

Product Name: Outdoor Heater
Material: High Temperature Resistant Steel Plate&Plastic
Color: Black/Red (Optional)
Size: 300x130x260mm
Weight: 1500g
Fuel Type: Butane
an Ignition Device: Yes
Rated Power: 1.3KW
Package Size: 310x190x270mm
Package weight: 2180g/4.81lb
General Box Package

1 x Outdoor Heater

1.Please allow 0-3cm difference due to manual measurement.
2.Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures.
Please Note:Portable Gas Heater is to only be used in well-ventilated areas. This product produces carbon monoxide and can be a hazard as it has no odour. Using it in an enclosed space (for example caravan, tent, car, mobile home) may cause death.
The portable gas tank had limited capacity, when the ceramic plate absorbed enough heat, please turn the supply to mid/low for continous supply to avoid the gas combusted out from the ceramic plate to release the pressure. If the ceramic no longer absorbed heat, the gas will release via the ceramic by burning it directly, this is a normal situation to avoid the heater overpreasure.

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